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Volunteers Help Clean Up Trash in Clarksburg

Earlier this month, the Chinese Community of Clarksburg has gathered under the auspices of the Lead for Future Academy (L4FA) to lend a hand to clean up some of the trash around Clarksburg. Over forty people of all ages came together to serve as community volunteers and help clean up the litter in the environment.

Over the Easter weekend, volunteers met at the Harris Teeter parking lot. Children ranging in age from eight-months-old to sixteen years old, along with their parents participated and developed a sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment. The organizers sorted the group into four teams, each with their respective leaders. The teams, following four pre-planned routes, walked along a marked trail with several trash bags, gloves, and trash pick-up sticks.

Papers, empty bottles, plastic bags, and various other pieces of trash littered the sidewalks, but the kids' enthusiasm were unparalleled in their "quest" to collect them all. They chatted and laughed along the way, and the volunteer work appeared more like a hobby than a chore. Two hours qui