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MCPD Names Capt. Mark Plazinski New Commander of the 5th District-Germantown

As Commander David Gillespie prepares to leave Germantown for his new post as Chief of Police in Melbourne, Fla., Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas J. Manger has named Captain Mark Plazinski as the new commander of the 5th District in Germantown, effective Monday, May 1.

Plazinski is currently the Director of MCPD’s Criminal Investigations Division, which is comprised of several sections responsible for investigating a wide range of property crimes and crimes against persons. The Criminal Investigations Division includes the detective sections in all six police districts, as well as the Financial Crimes Section, the Central Auto Crimes Section, and MCPD’s Crime Lab.

“I am very excited about the assignment,” said Plazinski. “Every captain, every executive wants to be a commander at some point in time, and I am honored that I was selected for this position. It is a great station. Commander Gillespie did great things there, and I am hoping to continue on work with the officers and community members to address issues of public safety and make it a great place to work and live. It is a great area, great people live there, and I am looking forward to coming up and being part of the team.”

Plazinski is a 23-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department, beginning his career in Silver Spring District, where he worked eight-and-half years. He later went to work in the investigative section of District 1 in Rockville for two years. He was then promoted to sergeant and transferred to the 4th District in Wheaton where he was a patrol sergeant. He worked for a number years as a supervisor in the child abuse/sexual assault section. He was then transferred and worked at the training academy for two years.

He was promoted to lieutenant and named Deputy District Commander of the 6th District – Montgomery Village, after two years he was moved to Management Services Bureau where he worked as an administrative lieutenant, before being promoted to captain in 2014 and named Director of the Public Safety Academy. In the Fall of 2016, Plazinski was promoted to Director of Criminal Investigations.

“I was surprised,” said Plazinski, “I think everybody is very happy for Commander Gillespie, but I don’t think anybody was looking for movement at the commander level. There was such a strong group of commanders; there wasn’t a large chance of anyone being moved up, I was surprised when I got the call. I was humbled and honored to be selected. It is a really great group of current commanders that we currently have, and I look forward to working with them.”