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Killer of Boyds “Hero” Father Pleads Guilty

The former Federal Protective Service agent who shot and killed a Boyds father as he attempted to stop a carjacking pleaded guilty to the killing Tuesday.

On a Saturday evening in May of 2016, on the track at Clarksburg High School, Mike Winffel’s grieving daughter said, ““My father is a hero. He has always been a hero.” She spoke those words the day after her father was shot and killed by Eulalio Sevilla Tordil in the parking lot of the Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda.

Yesterday, after Tordil pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder in a Montgomery County courtroom, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy echoed those words.

McCarthy told reporters that he was asked by Norma Winffel to say a few things about her husband who was gunned down by Tordil last May. “She is honored that her husband Mike, died a hero,” said McCarthy. “She wanted to me to comment that she was honored that he was able to — based on his actions — save another life, because that is what she believes Mike did. That is what we believe Mike did. She asked for one thing from the community and that was prayers for her family and her children. Because Mike was the superhero to her family and they will now live without their superhero. She asks for the community’s prayers and support for her children.”

Tordil of Adelphi, Maryland, is accused of killing his estranged wife, Gladys, outside of a Prince George’s County school on May 5, 2016. One day later, Tordil shot two good Samaritans who attempted to help a woman in the parking lot of Westfield Montgomery Mall, as he tried to steal her vehicle. Malcolm “Mike” Winffel died; the woman and other man were injured.

Later that morning, Tordil shot and killed Claudina Molina as he tried to steal her SUV outside Giant Food on Connecticut Avenue in Aspen Hill. Tordil still faces a charge of first-degree murder in the slaying of Gladys Tordil in Prince George’s County.

“It was extraordinary work by the Montgomery County Police in this case,” said McCarthy. “This was a man who knew there would be innocent lives lost. He even wrote in his musings that he was apologizing to his potential victims before they were his victims. He’s talking about taking his wife’s life and saying it did not have to end this way, but he knew it was going to end this way. This was a man that wanted to go out in a hail of gun fire at the hands of the Montgomery County Police. He wanted a suicide by cop. This was great police work. So many times we hear about use of force by police agencies around the country and now think back to this episode, you know the information that was known to this police department, and look at the restraint that was used to make sure that this man was taken into custody without any additional injury to persons. He was taken alive. It is an example of exemplary police work and we should be proud of police department and the work that they did.”

At the time of the shooting, Tordil was on administrative leave from his job with the Federal Protective Service and was under a protective order that required he stay away from his estranged wife.

McCarthy said that sentencing for Tordil would be July 7. “We will be seeking the maximum sentence which is possible under the law,” said McCarthy. “The maximum sentence allowable under Maryland law is life without the possibility of parole. That is the appropriate sentence in this case.”

“When you engage in a course of conduct where you willfully, and premeditatedly with callous disregard – you knew there were going to be innocent victims. He knew it and he was still willing to do that. He was fueled, as you know, by his own anger, about his own failed marriage, his failed finances, the fact that his job had been taken away from him, he was under the threat of a protective order,” McCarthy said. “This was a man who did not care what injury he caused to his wife or to anyone else who got in the way. The people here in Montgomery County who were killed or shot, were truly innocent. These were people who had no connection to this man whatsoever. It was complete random violence because he needed access to a car to complete his escape law enforcement.”

McCarthy praised MCPD Chief Tom Manger as well as, the detectives from the homicide squad and the detectives from the fugitive squad on the way they handled the capture of Tordil.

“This was a terrifying event for the people of Prince Georges County, and a terrifying event for the people of Montgomery County, but thanks to the extraordinary work of the Montgomery County Police it came to a peaceful resolution,” said McCarthy. “This man was arrested. He has now been convicted of these crimes, and he will be sentenced on July the 7th.”


Top: Eulalio Sevilla Tordil pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder in a Montgomery County courtroom on Tuesday. Photo courtesy MCPD.

Next: Malcom “Mike” Winffel, 45, of Boyds was killed Friday coming to the aid of a woman who was the victim of an attempted carjacking at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. Photo from GoFundMe.com.

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