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Large Tree Falls on Germantown House

Montgomery County Fire Rescue units responded to the 19200 block of St. Johnsbury Land in Germantown on Wednesday evening, March 15, after a large tree fell on a house.

MCFRS was called shortly before 7:00 pm to 19229 St. Johnsbury Lane after a gust of wind felled a tree onto a house and the resident of the house could not be located. There was no injury, and the resident was not home at the time, according to MCFRS senior spokesman Pete Piriniger.

“We will typically check for any hazards such as wires down and so forth,” said Piringer, “in this case finding none.” He said there house incurred minor damage and no one was injured. In cases such as this, it is up to the resident and the insurance company to remove the tree.

Photos courtesy MCFRS.