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Mookie and the Hero: Officer Jon Pruziner is a Hero Twice Over

Last Friday, local media from television and radio stations in the Washington D.C. area gathered in the small vestibule of the 5th District Headquarters in Germantown for the reunion of Montgomery County Police Officer Jon Pruziner and the 7-year-old girl whose life he’d saved.

During Friday’s reunion with the girl and her mother, Mary Wimpy, Officer Pruziner earned a well-deserved, warm and heartfelt hug from a grateful mother.

“It really felt good,” said Pruziner. “That is why cops suit up in the morning, is for calls like this. A lot of people don’t believe that these days, but this is really what we are here to do.

However, what was not mentioned in that press conference was how much of a hero Officer Jon Pruziner really is, and that this is not the first time he’s been hailed as a hero.

On Saturday, March 4 shortly after noon, Sahara McAllister, whose nickname is Mookie, had somehow gotten out of the house where she was being cared for by a babysitter. Mookie has Autism and is non-verbal.

Once Mookie’s disappearance was reported to police, MCPD began an extensive search for the young girl. Officers were called to the residence on Locusdale Drive. More than a dozen officers, including K9 teams, responded to the area and began an extensive search for Mookie. The Police Department also called for the assistance of a Maryland State Police helicopter.

Among the officers that responded was, Officer Jon Pruziner, who had learned in MCP training that those with Autism can have a dangerous attraction to water. Pruziner walked behind the townhomes on Locustdale Drive to a creek that leads to a pond. At appr