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Gov. Hogan in Germantown to Speak at Montgomery College

Maryland Gov. Lawrence Hogan was in Germantown on Tuesday morning meeting with and addressing CREW Maryland Suburban Chapter, a not-for-profit organization that promotes communication and interaction between experienced commercial real estate professionals in Suburban Maryland.

“I gave my State of the State address a couple of weeks ago,” Hogan told the room full of media and largely female commercial real estate professionals, “and I was proud to report that the state of our state is stronger than it has been in many years. In the years just before I took office, businesses, jobs, and taxpayers were fleeing the state in droves. We had lost 8,000 businesses, 100,000 jobs, and our state’s overall economic performance was 49th out of 50 states. More than two-thirds of all Marylanders thought that the state was headed in the wrong direction.”

“As a lifelong Marylander and small businessman — who loves this state — that was the straw the broke the camel’s back for me. It is what made a guy who had never run for elective office decided to run for governor and try to do something about that,” said Hogan.

“When I ran for governor,” said Hogan. “I said I would take immediate steps to address our transportation infrastructure which had really be ignored and neglected for eight years. It was really mismanaged. We had nearly a billion dollars drained or siphoned from the Transportation Trust Fund and spent on things totally unrelated to infrastructure. We had crumbling roads and bridges, and the worst traffic in the nation. We took immediate steps, and we are finally moving forward on all of the top priority transportation projects in every jurisdiction all across the state.”

“We currently have $8.4 billion worth of transportation infrastructure projects in our CTP. Right now, there are 1,073 road improvements and bridge improvements occurring all across our state. It is historic. It is unprecedented,” said Hogan. “Relieving congestion and moving forward on improving our infrastructure is absolutely critical to our local governments, to our local economies and economic development throughout the state.”

“Just today, a few hours ago U.S. News and World Report issued a report on all 50 states ranking 68 different categories; including health care, education, government, economy, crime, and opportunity, and I am proud to report that as of today Maryland beat out 42 other states and we are now ranked number eight in the rankings of best states in the United States of America.”

The event was coordinated by CREW Maryland Suburban, along with the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce and Montgomery College.

“CREW Maryland Suburban is so pleased to have Governor Hogan, Montgomery College and the Chamber show support for women in commercial real estate through participation in our annual