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Amatetti Declares Candidacy for District 2 Council Seat

“A Republican is going to win District 2 this year,” said Ed Amatetti while declaring his intention to run for the District 2 seat on the Montgomery County Council in the 2018 elections. Amatetti announced his candidacy on Saturday afternoon to a group of about 50 fellow Republicans at a meeting held at the Gaithersburg Public Library.

The Gaithersburg resident ran for a Board of Education seat in 2014, where he garnered 17,426 votes in the 2014 primary election but fell short of the two top vote getters Shebra Evans and the ultimate winner of that election, Jill Ortman-Fouse.

“I am running for D2,” said Amatetti, “for those of you in District 2. I am going to raise your profile and the profile of Upper Montgomery County. I am keenly aware that without your representative concentrating on you, you have nothing because all the other eight council members are down south. And the current representative might as well be down south where his head is at. I am going to use my position to organize you politically, to make sure the county’s resources are turned toward you, and to get UpCounty residents appointed to commissions. You will feel like you are a part of Montgomery County.”

Amatetti is a former classroom teacher in the District, as well as Montgomery and Prince Georges counties; he is also a government consultant and auditor.

“We have got to change the narrative,” said Amatetti. “So many people in this room have been working so hard to move the needle a tiny bit, and they have just been ignored.”

“The main problem is that our elected officials — and even some of the department heads are getting to the point where they are so detached from the interests of the ordinary citizen, from the taxpayer, from the business person and their employees. They are so detached from the people they represent and so closely aligned with political agendas and special interest groups on the inside of the process that the ordinary citizen gets shut out of the process. It gets to the point where nobody is looking out for you,” he said.

“The second problem is we have out of control spending leading to out of control taxes, and when that is not enough, we have an out of control desperate rush increase the tax base, leading to out of control growth, with disrupts community after community with overcrowded schools and overcrowded transportation. And the amazing thing is we are still behind. We are losing ground. We have had budget shortfalls every year for the last eight years,” he said.

Amatetti’s campaign slogan is “Your Voice – Put Citizens Back in the Driver’s Seat.” To that end, if elected he hopes to give a voice to “people whose interests have been so long dismissed or viewed with alienation.” He wants to have more citizen input in the county government from the budget process to the policy decisions. “Giving those people an equal seat at the table in policy decisions, processes, and the budgeting process,” he said. “Right not when MCPS puts together its budget it has people from the unions and people from the Department of Education in the room. That is not a negotiation. That is a conspiracy.”

“I want to be transformative in this area,” Amatetti told his supporters. “I want to write statutes so that citizens’ commissions and committees have real influence from the beginning of the process to the end of the process and have a say in the final decision. We have an amazingly unique pool of motivated and competent citizens; we don’t need elected officials who think they have all the answers.”