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More Reaction to “A Citizen’s Response to Navarro’s Outrage”

The following Letter to the Editor is response to a "A Citizen’s Response to Councilmember Navarro’s Outrage," a Letter to the Editor published by Germantown Pulse on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017.

Dear Mr. King,

Thank you for your valued opinion and I commend you for your comments as well as recognize your right to speak in such a manner. I thank you for your service to our country.

However, I feel I must correct a few factual errors in your letter.

1) As a duly elected representative of Montgomery County, District 4, Nancy Navarro has every right, and in fact an obligation, to state her opinions and views as those of her District and the County. Should you disagree with her, you have three options: vote against her, run for election yourself or move out of the County. But you cannot dispute her right to do her job.

2) The supremacy clause of the Constitution is specifically written to identify at the Constitution of the United States is supreme to all other laws, even those of Congress (which is why laws can be struck down as unconstitutional). To put it simply, your assertion that Federal law is supreme in incorrect. Constitutional law is Supreme. Federal law and State law are both subject to that.

And then I have one piece of opinion as well. You declare yourself not to be a racist, however, the very act of declaring yourself as such indicates otherwise. As a Jew, you should be ashamed that you would hold such an unwelcoming position. I’m sure there were many in Poland and Germany who felt as you do, but as a Jew (I am one myself), you should have learned something from the Holocaust section of your religious education class, your secular education notwithstanding.

Given your unhappiness with the state of affairs in Montgomery County, I would suggest examine my suggested options. We have no place in this County for homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic racists and I cannot understand how someone of your history of service in the armed forces could possibly support an individual of the ilk of Mr. Trump especially with his regard for Gold Star service members. I presume you joined the Army and fought because of your belief in liberty and freedom and I know you swore an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I might suggest you do some background reading on the Founding Fathers and what exactly their points of view were with regards to your vitriolic rhetoric. I believe John Adams, had some very profound words with regards to the exact kind of hate you spew when he was defending the British soldiers during the trial after the Boston Massacre. He faced hatred from the common folk who wanted to blame the entire incident on the soldiers. These men were on trial for murder and firing into a crowd on the order of their superior and Adams was the least popular man in Boston for agreeing to defend them.