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Ace Project Hopes to Engage, Enlighten & Empower With Truth 2 Youth Forum

The ACE Project (Athletes for Community Excellence) is bringing together a former Super Bowl champion and two local football coaches for an evening to discuss some of the tough issues facing young people and to promote positive community activities. The ACE Project will host its first annual Truth 2 Youth Forum on Monday night at the UpCounty Regional Services Center.

The Truth 2 Youth forum is geared toward Germantown and surrounding area youth from middle school to high school. The community guest speakers will focus on tough issues facing some of our Germantown youth and provide an interactive platform to discuss such topics. The positive discussion will focus on community involvement, accountability, decision making, conflict resolution, and character building just to name a few.

"Germantown is growing and with that can come real issues,” said ACE Project director Ali Hashemzadeh. “Some of which we are experiencing already. Trying to face these issues head on or at least starting that dialogue with the kids will hopefully help everyone out in the long run."

The Truth 2 Youth forum is part of The ACE Project's ongoing positive community campaign which is focused on the overall positive development of youth and student-athletes in our Germantown community. Such work includes community volunteerism, beautification projects, classroom visits, and exposing Germantown youth to various experiences that hopefully they can build on. Past community projects consisted of a Community Coat drive, MLK Day Jr Community Clean Up, as well as assisting at various elementary schools in need. Future initiatives include a youth job fair, community festival and a youth football clinic. All information can be found at www.theaceproject.info and social media feeds.

"The intent here is to positively engage our local youth to openly discuss these tough issues that some of our Germantown youth face day in and day out. We have wonderful leaders in our Germantown and surrounding communities that are doing very inspiring work,” said Hashemzadeh. “I simply wanted to bring a few in to share some of their real life insights with the kids. And hopefully we can continue to grow this event from year to year."

The speakers for the first Truth 2 Youth event are:

- Willie Williams - Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champion, Head Coach of Churchill High School, youth advocate, and founder of the Show Them We Care Foundation.

- Andrew Mele - Northwest High School Football Coach and youth advocate

- Joseph Hooks - MVSA Football Coach and founder of the 480 Club serving local area youth

Pizza and refreshments will be provided and the event is free, however, seating is very limited. Please email Coach Ali Hashemzadeh at ali@theaceproject.info to reserve a spot.

The event will take place Friday, Feb. 6 at the UpCounty Regional Services Center which is located in Germantown on Monday, Feb. 6 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in meeting room B.