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MCPD Auto Theft Unit Supervisor Discusses Germantown Area Auto Thefts

As the Germantown Pulse reported earlier this month, there has been a sharp rise in auto thefts in the Germantown/Clarksburg area over the last six months, with 19 vehicles being stolen in December alone. Already this month, there have been eight vehicles stolen in the 5th-District through January 23, based on information from DataMongomery.org.

The Germantown Pulse spoke to Sgt. M. Fergus Sugrue, the supervisor of the Montgomery County Police Department’s Auto Theft Unit about the recent uptick in auto thefts in the Germantown area.

Sgt. Sugrue’s message was both reassuring and troubling. He said that while there has been an increase in stolen vehicles in the area, it is not because a gang of professional car thieves has moved into the area and is stealing cars, but rather it is groups of young criminals looking to make a quick score doing misdemeanor theft-from-autos who upgrade to felony auto theft.

“It is not an organized gang of car thieves,” said Sugrue. “These are not professional car thieves stealing cars for parts, or to be re-plating, or re-tagging the vehicles.” A process of stripping the Vehicle Identification Number and shipping the car out of state to be sold. “We have no information that any of the vehicles stolen in the last six- to eight-months are being re-plated.”