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C-SPAN Campaign Bus Visits Seneca Valley High School

While the election may be over, but the work of educating high school students about our government and politics continues for the crew of the C-SPAN Campaign Bus which stopped by Seneca Valley High School on Wednesday morning.

The bus is a mobile classroom and television studio that travels the country visiting high schools, universities and public events promoting the use of its online archive, which includes more than 200,000 hours of news and events footage as a way to get information straight from the source, without editing. The network — officially the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network — is known for its broadcasts of footage from the floors of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and other policy-related bodies and events.

The bus which has been traveling the country visiting with students is back in the Washington D.C. area for President-Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

“We usually visit a school for about two hours and see about 150 to 200 students in that time,” said C-SPAN marketing and community relations representative Doug Hemmig. “We are back in the D.C. area now that the election is over. We are here for the Inauguration and all the festivities around town, but in the three-week run-up to the Inauguration we thought we’d reach out to local school partners and cable partners and bring the bus to those schools that are local to the D.C. area.”

“The main purpose of the C-SPAN bus is to showcase all of our educational content to students and teachers,” said Hemmig. “We have over 70,000 teachers that take our content to help teach government and citizenship classes. We also have a wonderful video library that has over 200,000 hours of content that students can access and learn about government and public affairs.”

On the bus, C-SPAN representatives taught roughly 110 Seneca Valley students, in groups of 15 at a time, how to navigate the network website's online archive. Students had access to three touch-screen computers, three laptops, and other technological resources to help them learn how to watch video from the archive.

“When they first walk in the bus, they are surprised by what it looks like inside,” said Hemmig. “They are kind of like a deer in headlights. But most have heard of C-SPAN, and then they learn that they have a new resource that they can use. Many of the students that come to the bus are government or American History students, and they can walk away knowing that they can use the content we provide for them in class right from the get-go.”

“The big thing that we hear from the kids about politics is how aware they are,” said Hemmig. “Most adults feel that young people don’t care about politics, but many young people are very aware, and they want their voices to be heard. That is the very refreshing and exciting.”


Top: C-SPAN’s La’Shawna Saint-Preu teaches students from Seneca Valley High School about the cable network’s vast online video library on the C-SPAN Campaign Bus which stopped by the Germantown school on Wednesday morning.

Next: The C-SPAN Campaign Bus parked outside Seneca Valley High School.

Next: Inside the bus is a mobile classroom and television studio, along with three touch-screen computers, three laptops, and other technological resources.

Photos by Germantown Pulse

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