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Traffic Stop in Clarksburg Nabs 250 Pounds of Pot

Officer R. Sheehan of the 5th District’s Community Action Team was working speed enforcement on I-270 during the afternoon of Dec. 5. Officer Sheehan had set himself up to clock southbound speeders from the median just north of the Clarksburg Road exit.

At approximately 2:19 pm that afternoon Officer Sheehan’s speed laser indicated that a Chrysler Town & Country minivan was traveling at 66 mph in a 55 mph zone. The officer initiated a traffic stop on the van at the Clarksburg Road exit on southbound I-270. As he approached the van and asked the driver for his license and registration, Officer Sheehan could smell the odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Officer Sheehan asked the driver, later identified as Steven M. Tosi, 53, of Santa Cruz, Calif., about the odor and his said that he had smoked a joint earlier and that there was joint inside the minivan.

Officer Sheehan called for back and addition officers conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and located approximately 250 pounds of marijuana. The marijuana was vacuum sealed in various bundles. Officers also located a small amount of marijuana in a backpack on the front

passenger seat and a marijuana joint on top of the front center armrest. Tosi was arrested on criminal charges related to the possession and trafficking of marijuana. The minivan Tosi was driving was determined to be a rental vehicle.

Tosi was placed under arrest. During questioning, Tosi stated that he had picked up the marijuana in Pittsburgh and intended on delivering the drug to Virginia Beach, Va. Tosi was transported to the Central Processing Unit and is being held without bond.


Top: MCPD officers seized 250 pounds of marijuana from a Chrysler Town & Country minivan after a simple traffic stop on I-270 southbound in Clarksburg.

Next: The pot was vacuum sealed in bundles and headed to Virginia Beach, Va.

Next: Steven M. Tosi, 53, of Santa Cruz, Calif. was driving the rented minivan packed with pot.

Photos courtesy MCPD

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