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Germantown Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Hit-and-Run Killing

A Germantown man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the 2015 murder of a man in Clarksburg over a dispute about Christian music CDs.

Today, before the Honorable Judge Anne K. Albright in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Ryan Salandy, 26, of Germantown, was sentenced in the 2nd Degree Murder of William D. McDaniel, aged 25 of Clarksburg.

The sentencing of Salandy was announced by Montgomery County State’s Attorney John J. McCarthy. The Defendant was sentenced to 30 Suspending 12 of those years for an executed jail time of 18 years. He also was given five years of supervised probation upon release. The verdict by the judge for the bench trial was announced back in September.

“This is a senseless death where what should have been resolved in a contractual dispute ended up in a deadly crash. Now Mr. Salandy will have to pay the price for his fateful actions just over a year ago,” said Ramon Korionoff, public affairs director with the State’s Attorney’s Office.

On Friday, Sept. 25, at approximately 12:21 pm, officers from the 5th District responded to the 23000 block of Sweetspire Drive in Clarksburg for the report of a pedestrian who had been struck by a vehicle. Responding officers located William McDaniel deceased in the roadway. Salandy, the driver of the striking vehicle had fled the scene.

Twenty minutes later, a Salandy’s mother called the Emergency Communications Center and stated that Salandy and the vehicle involved in the pedestrian collision were at a residence on Amber Ridge Circle in the Milestone area of Germantown. Officers responded to that address and located the vehicle and Salandy.

Detectives from the homicide section learned that Salandy and McDaniel were involved in an altercation on Sweetspire Drive on the afternoon of Sept. 25, 2016. Salandy initially drove away from the argument but circled back to Sweetspire Drive. Salandy was observed to strike McDaniel with his vehicle, a silver 2006 Saab, and flee from the scene. Salandy admitted to police that he intentionally struck McDaniel with his vehicle.

Prosecutors presented evidence from Salandy's smartphone records that Salandy had threatened McDaniel via text and on Facebook.

According to court documents, Montgomery County’s Collision Reconstruction Unit determined that Salandy was traveling between 37 and 49 miles per hour at the moment of impact. He did not brake, or swerve to avoid McDaniel. He did not call 911 or stop to check on McDaniel’s condition. The collision broke every bone in both of McDaniel’s legs. His feet were ripped out of his shoes.

After the incident, the young rapper never asked why he was being arrested or inquired about the condition of the man he'd hit. He did not call 911, the only calls he placed were to his mother and his girlfriend, according to prosecutors.

When police located Salandy’s car, they noticed it had large dents on the hood and roof. The windshield was shattered. Investigators located McDaniel’s blood and body tissue on the car as well.

The motive for the killing, according to prosecutors, was a dispute over Christian music CDs. Salandy, an aspiring Christian rapper had hired McDaniel to produce 150 CDs, paying him $300 for the service. The two got into a heated dispute about when the CDs would be delivered to Salandy.