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Work Begins on Waters Road/Germantown Road Intersection

Work has begun to complete the intersection of Waters Road and Germantown Road. The intersection, when completed will lie between Dawson Farm Road and Wisteria Drive on Germantown Road/MD-118, just north of the railroad overpass.

The connection will join Waters Road with Bowman Road near the MARC Train Station parking lot. Waters Road currently ends in a cul-de-sac. The Planning Board approved the realignment of Waters Road right-of-way at the January 2016 meeting.

Now that building is completed on the Alta Liberty Mill apartment complex on Waters Road, construction has started on connecting Waters Road to Germantown Road. In 2013 the County approved the residential development on the condition that Waters Road be connected to Germantown Road. According the Planning Board Staff Report on the matter, “The required construction of realigned Waters Road to Germantown Road will be done as a business district road based on a cross section approved by MCDOT including four total lanes (48 feet of pavement), a seven foot wide sidewalk, and a four foot wide green panel with street trees across the property’s frontage.”

“The intersection of Waters Road with Germantown Road (MD 118) will be built as a full access intersection, directly opposite Bowman Mill Drive, as approved by MDSHA,” said the report.

The proposed plan will have Waters Road curve slightly to line up with Bowman road creating a fluid intersection, which may have a traffic signal in the future.

In February of 2015, Benjamin Berbert, a senior planner with the Montgomery County Planning Department told the Germantown Pulse, “Based on the signal warrant study submitted for review to State Highway, it shows the warrants for a traffic signal are projected to be met.”

Berbert said that the Master Plan for the Germantown area envisions this as an intersection with a traffic light in order to provide safe pedestrian crossing from the north side of Germantown Road to the MARC station on the south side.