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County Executive Leggett Speaks to Third Graders at Germantown Elementary

Third-grade students at Germantown Elementary got a special government and civics lesson from the highest elected official in Montgomery County one week after the nation participated in a highly contested election.

Montgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett visited Germantown Elementary School on Tuesday and taught the third-grade classes about local government and took questions from the 60 or so, seven- or eight-year-old students

“I love doing this,” said Leggett after the lesson was over. “I love reaching out to kids. I think I am an educator at heart. This is a big county, with a lot of big issues, but to me, there is nothing more significant than going out and touching the lives of kids. When you have an opportunity to tell your story and to talk to them about some of the things that are happening around the county, and around the world, sometimes we take that for granted. When I see the faces of the kids, and I can understand what it means to them. It doesn’t matter the size of the school if I get the opportunity I am going to get into that school and do what I did today.”

Leggett stressed three main themes with the Germantown Elementary students, Think and use your your brain, love yourself for who you are, and always reach for the stars. After a quick, but insightful, lesson on the basics of Montgomery County government, Leggett took questions from the third graders, including “What is the biggest meeting you’ve ever had?” and “Did you dream of being a County Executive when you were a kid?” and “Are you part of the police?” Leggett answered the questions earnestly and fairly.

He also took some tougher questions from the third graders which some adults might have or the County Executive including; “What do you stand for?” and “How many hours per week do you work?” and “What gave you the courage to run for elected office?” and “How did Trump become the President?”

Germantown Elementary School Principal Amy Bryant, “The credit for bringing County Executive Leggett to GES goes to Mrs. Megan Wysong, one of our third-grade teachers. She happened to meet the County Executive in her travels and mentioned that she was a third-grade teacher, and asked him to visit and speak to her class. And he said, ‘Absolutely,’ and he followed through and here he is making good on his promise.”

After taking some questions, Leggett, Principal Bryant, and the students have a bit of fun as everyone, including the Germantown Pulse reporter/photographer took part in the Mannequin Challenge.

“I think it was great for our students,” said Bryant. “That was the best civics lesson they could get. We have great teaching and learning here every day, but to actually learn about our government from our highest county official was an honor here at our ‘Little Red Schoolhouse.’”


Top: Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett speaks to third graders at Germantown Elementary School about county government.

Next: Leggett to questions from the students, some of which were tough including this student’s question, “What is the best thing you’ve ever done?”

Video: Germantown Elementary School’s Third Grade Mannequin Challenge with County Executive Ike Leggett.

Photos by Germantown Pulse. Video courtesy Amy Bryant, GES.