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Gunshots Ring Out in Germantown Neighborhood

On a beautiful early autumn afternoon in Germantown, the neighborhood along Midridge Road was active and outside. Young folks were playing basketball in the street a resident Eva Green was weeding the garden in front of her townhouse. Fox Chapel Elementary School, which sits at the end of Midridge Drive, was all but deserted at about 4:30 pm on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 13.

Suddenly, four shots rang out.

According to Green, she saw two cars pull up next to each other, one a blue Dodge, the other a navy blue Toyota. She didn’t think too much of it because there was often traffic along the street in front of her home. She returned to her gardening.

“Suddenly,” said Green. “I heard four bangs. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. They came from where the cars were. I ducked behind the plants.” She didn’t know who fired, or how many people fired but she heard the gunshots. Green didn’t hear any angry words exchanged between the cars just the four shots.

Montgomery County Police have confirmed that they received multiple reports of gunshots from the area. Police responded, cordoned off the area, and collected spent ammunition shell casings from the area as they investigated the shooting report.

MCPD spokesman Rick Goodale said that no one was injured in the shooting. “No gunshot victims were located,” he said.

According to a neighbor who was at the scene at the time of the shooting, after the shots were fired the two cars drove to the end of Midridge Drive and one turned left on Archdale Road and the other turned right and sped down Archdale Road to Staleybridge Road.

MCPD is investigating this incident and anyone with any information should call Montgomery County Police at 5th District main phone number, 240-773-6200 or call the Investigative Section at 240-773-6237.


Top: Members of the Montgomery County Police Department at the scene of an alleged shooting near the intersection of Midridge Road and Archdale Road on Thursday afternoon.

Next: Police officers from the 5th District in Germantown search a lawn for more shell casings from an alleged shooting