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Reckless Motorcycle Riders Menace Germantown Business District

It is a problem faced by many other cities, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. — and now Germantown. A group of men on motorcycles or dirt bikes driving recklessly and endangering themselves and others, according to police.

For six weeks now motorists, pedestrians, and merchants along Century Boulevard in Germantown have been plagued by a group of masked motorcycle riders, on small cycles or dirt bikes who have been known to be confrontational with drivers and police officers, according to 5th District Police Commander, Capt. David Gillespie.

“We have had on a number of occasions, over the past six weeks or so, where we have had several motorcycles riding up and down on Century Boulevard — at times on the sidewalks, and then they will break free onto the dirt path to get away,” said Gillespie.

He said the brazen riders have tapped on police car windows at stoplights and given officers the middle finger before speeding off.

“The issue is ongoing. It is not an everyday occurrence,” said Gillespie. “It is intermittent, and it is very concerning to us, and we want to make sure that the community knows about this and calls the police when they see it happening.”

Gillespie said the MCPD has been able to seize one quad or four-wheel all-terrain vehicle that was involved with the group, but there are still at least two or three motorcycles that are still outstanding. “The issue with this is the danger that these riders present to the community because they have been very reckless and confrontational, where they will circle people and buildings in the Central Business District,” he said.

He said that police are hampered because they do not have dirt bikes to continue to pursue the troublesome bikers into the woods along dirt trails. “Our officers have responded in an attempt to make apprehensions. We follow them, but we are somewhat limited in that we are not on motorized dirt bikes equipped can go down into the woods. We can set up perimeters and do different things to identify who these motorcycle riders are.”

He said the riders are the same based on the make, color, and model of the motorcycles. “It is the same group riders; we can tell by the make the color of the bikes and the clothing the riders wear. These riders haven’t been wearing helmets, but masks over their face which makes them hard to identify. One of the individuals has dreadlocks and a number of tattoos.”

Anyone with any information about who these reckless motorcyclists may be is asked to contact Montgomery County Police at 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number at 240-773-6200 or email 5DCommander@montgomerycountymd.gov.

The photo is a screen grab from the YouTube video DC Bike Life (DC All Star Ride 2014)