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Hunting and Fishing: A Shift with Montgomery County’s Finest

Note: This is the first edition of The O’s Zone, a column from Germantown Pulse founder Kevin O’Rourke.

On a warm August night, I had the opportunity to ride along with the District Community Action Team or DCAT from the 5th District – Germantown for a full shift. The DCAT units are unique units in the Montgomery County Police Department structure. There is a DCAT in each of the six police districts in Montgomery County, and what makes them unique is that they are not beholden to radio calls. The DCAT teams work to prevent crime by searching for criminal activity.

I rode with Sgt. Jason Cokinos, the supervisor of the 5th District DCAT unit. Cokinos explained that the DCAT unit will cover four or five hot spots — neighborhoods that are experiencing an increase in criminal activity which have been identified either through analyzing calls for service or through specific requests from residents, neighborhood associations, or property management agencies.

We began the shift in the afternoon driving through the streets and parking areas of an apartment devel