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UPDATE: Arsonist Left Message at Clarksburg Townhouse Fire

UPDATE 9:10 pm: The arsonist left message for the person that was targeted by the fire. Once the fire trucks pulled away Monday morning, investigators and residents found vandalism at the site in the form of a graffiti message in spray paint on the ground in the alley right in front of the unit which was burned.

The message "FU Dom" sprawled across the ground in white paint in front of the unit at 22663 Majestic Elm Court in Clarksburg. The Germantown Pulse has learned that arsonist may have targeted the wrong address. Residents report that a man named Dom lives in 22665 Majestic Elm Court. While the unit at 22665 was damaged by the fire, the bulk of the damage was caused next door at 22663 Majestic Elm Court.

The Pulse has learned that the family, which includes a nine-month old infant, which bore the brunt of the arsonists attack was not home at the time of the fire. That family has been displaced by the fire. No one was injured.

Montgomery County arson investigators ask anyone with any information about the fire to call the MCFRS Arson Tipline at (240) 777-2263.

ORIGINAL STORY - Posted at 2:30 pm: