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MoCo Schools May Begin A Full Week Earlier in August 2017

The Calendar Committee of Montgomery County Public Schools is proposing that the 2017-2018 school year begin a week earlier than it has in previous years. However the change is not set in stone yet. MCPS is looking for public input into the possible change in start dates.

The proposal would have the 2017-2018 school year begin on August 21, 2017. (Not this coming school year.) According to the MCPS website, the proposal date is based on the input of stakeholders, including parents, principals, teachers, and district administrators. The proposed calendar would include professional days for teachers begin August 15, 2017.

According to a May 25 memo from MCPS Chief Operating Officer, Andrew M. Zuckerman to the Policy Management Committee, the Calendar Committee held four meetings and at those meetings, “There was significant examination by the committee about the start of the school year. The committee analyzes input gathered about the 2016-2017 School Year Calendar and identified a pattern of interest among stakeholder groups to begin the school one week earlier.”

The new calendar would also have school end one week earlier than it has in the past. The proposed calendar would see the last day of school be June 5, 2018, however, emergency contingency days could push the last day of school out to June 12, 2018.

The Calendar Committee, which includes teachers, parents, principals from all levels and areas of MCPS, as well as MCCPTA members, developed two draft calendars — one with the beginning date of August 28, 2017, and a second with the beginning date of August 21, according to the memo. The Calendar Committee decided to put forth the earlier date of August 21, 2017, “to preview with stakeholders and begin to receive input prior to the calendar’s adoption,” wrote Zuckerman.

Montgomery County residents can provide feedback to MCPS on the proposed change of the star