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Clarksburg Chamber Appoints Legislative Action Chair

The Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce has ramped up their legislative involvement efforts with the appointment of a Legislative Action Chair. The CCC’s Board of Directors has appointed Stephanie Graves as the group’s first Legislative Action Chair.

Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce president, Ibi Teleki Sofillas says, “The Clarksburg Chamber is re-energized in its ability to make a positive change in legislation here in upper Montgomery County. Through the appointment of Stephanie with the skills she brings, Chamber members will establish a collective voice to stimulate economic growth and health for our community.”

As a local business owner, she is co-owner of Switch to Solar; Graves pays close attention to how local and state regulation and legislation affects the business community. “As the person responsible for marketing my company's services, I commit time to learning about the issues that drive our community,” said Graves. “I plan to leverage my marketing and corporate communications experience to build a constructive dialogue between the business community and our elected officials.”

In 2006, Graves co-founded Switch to Solar, a company responsible for the big movement to solar energy, providing solar panel installations, financing, warranties, and monitoring for homes, businesses, and communities in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Graves began her career in San Francisco leading projects for CNET, Microsoft, E! online, and Oracle. Subsequently, she moved to New York to direct the creative departments of high-tech startups in Silicon Valley.