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MoCo 911 Service Was Down, What You Should Always Know

Montgomery County's 911 service went down late Sunday night. The first indication of difficulty with Montgomery County’s 911 service came at 11:24 pm on Sunday night, was reported by the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Public Information Officer’s Twitter account which stated that they were experiencing “internal IT issues”.

By 12:26 am Mondayy morning, Montgomery County Police stated that 911 and non-emergency lines were down and the phone numbers for each Police District were provided.

Service was partially restored at 1:19 am, but the public was warned that if a call received a busy signal, the police or fire departments should be contacted directly. At 1:30 am, the system was restored, although they continued to operate on Condition Red for emergency communication only.

If you ever get a busy signal for a 911 call, be prepared with all these numbers to contact local your local fire and police departments directly. Montgomery County’s 311 service can also be contacted.

Have you programmed the appropriate numbers for your home or office into your phone? You should in order to be prepared for future emergencies. District numbers are listed below.

Germantown (240) 773-6200

Gaithersburg (240) 773-5700

Rockville Station (240) 773-6070 Bethesda Station (240) 773-6700 Silver Spring (240) 773-6800 Wheaton (240) 773-5500

In case of a fire, the public was advised to call the fire stations directly. The Germantown/UpCounty area stations are listed below.

STATION 22 - Kingsview

(240) 773-472218910

Germantown Road, Germantown.

STATION 29 (240) 773-4729 20001 Crystal Rock Drive, Germantown.