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Northwest High School Says Goodbye to Class of 2016 and Its Principal

It was a bittersweet day for Lance Dempsey, the principal of Northwest High School, on Tuesday, as she oversaw her seventh and final graduation Northwest seniors.

The 494 members of the Northwest High School Class of 2016 gathered with their friends and families at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. to make the official transition from high school student to high school graduate on Tuesday.

Student Speaker Miren Chenevert spoke reminded her classmates to hold on the special memories created within the walls of Northwest High School. “We’ve all rushed out of the building at the end of the day by the one security guard yells ‘Everybody Out!’ Now, we really are leaving. Some of us for college, others for technical school, or work. We are all leaving from the same beginning. Our building is special, but what is inside is greater. Lucky for us, those are the things we can take with us.”

“We are a community, a family,” said Chenevert, “and our experiences here are ones that no one else has or could ever match. We are all for one and one for all. We are the home of the Jags 2016.”

Commencement Speaker and former assistant principal and class advisor for the Class of 2016 at Northwest, Matthew Niper reminded the graduates that each decision they make can have an impact both great and small on the course of their lives.

“The next chapter begins today, and whether you will travel, join the armed forces, attend college, gain part-time or full-time employment you will grow and learn from these experiences, and they will help guide your future decisions. For me it was an internship that I had when I started college, the opened the door to a part-time job. That experience was key to the start of my career, and I still have contacts from that job.