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Germantown Football Player Arrested After Pulling Gun at Game

A member of the Germantown Gladiators semi-professional football team was arrested on Sunday in Carroll County, after he allegedly pulled a handgun during a fight between the Germantown team a team from Carroll County.

According to news reports, Maryland State Police were called to the Carroll County Sports Complex in Westminster at about 2:40 pm on Sunday, May 21 after a fight broke out between the Carroll County Cannons and the Germantown Gladiators semi-pro football teams. Witnesses told police that, after the fight had died down, they watched one Germantown player walk back to his bench and get a small pistol.

The player was identified by police as Darrion Jaquane Locke, 20, of Potomac. He was charged with one count of reckless endangerment, one count of first-degree assault and one count of second-degree assault. He was initially held on $20,000 bond, which was reduced to $1,500 after a bail review Monday. He was released on Monday.

The Carroll County Times reported that two witnesses saw Locke with the weapon. one witness told a Maryland State Trooper that Locke stood pulled a gun with his left hand from his right side. Locke then pointed the gun at one of the players. Another witness said that Locke pointed the gun at a group of players.

The witness told the crowd Locke had a gun, and Locke put the gun into his helmet, which he was carrying before walking back to his sideline.

A preliminary court hearing date is set for June 14 in Carroll County District Court in Westminster.

The Germantown Gladiators play in the semi-pro Atlantic Football Association. The Gladiators lost the game to the Carroll County Cannons 20-0, it was the final game of the Spring 2016 season. The Gladiators finished with a record of 4-6.

Photo courtesy Carroll County Sheriff's Office