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A Call for Increased Personal Accountability in Wake of Rash of Crime in Town Center

What is happening in our neighborhood is not acceptable. I live on the “wrong side of the tracks” in zip code 20874 between Father Hurley Boulevard and Frederick I-270. As much as I admire the police officers who do a wonderful job, things are not alright in that area. Even though I applaud Principal, Dr. Cohen’s enthusiastic support of the good kids and worthwhile programs at Seneca Valley High School, that does not make what residents have to go through any easier to bear. It is easy for someone who does not live in this community to sugar-coat the reality, which is that this area has become unlivable. Those who have the means will move out, which leaves a lot of honest, hard-working people in the lurch.

I have been in education for 25 years, I have been a professor at Montgomery College in Germantown for 17 years, and I have lived among my students in Germantown for 12 years. I moved here because the neighborhood was conveniently located; close to stores, lakes, and my job.