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Germantown Ranked Fifth Most Diverse City in America

Germantown has been ranked as the fifth most diverse city in America in WalletHub.com’s 2016 ranking of most diverse population areas in the country. Germantown came in behind Gaithersburg, which ranked in the top spot, followed by Jersey City, NJ, Oakland, Calif., and Silver Spring in the fourth spot.

WalletHub compared 313 of the most populated cities — limiting each state to no more than 10 cities each — across four key dimensions: Social Class Diversity, Ethno-Racial Diversity, Economic Diversity and Household Diversity.

While Germantown ranked fifth overall, it was ranked third in terms of Ethno-Racial Diversity and 19th in Social Class Diversity. Germantown drops down to the middle of list when it comes to Economic Diversity ranking 154th and even further when it comes to Household Diversity at 237th.

“A culturally diverse city offers a vast richness of cultural and ethnic diversity, a wide spectrum of economic classes and neighborhoods,” Jacqueline Battalora, said on Wallhub.com. “When this diversity is explored, tasted, experienced and understood, lives are both challenged and enriched, and perspective is stretched.”