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Police Say Men Involved in Safeway Fight Knew Each Other

Two days after an altercation at a Germantown Town Center supermarket, Montgomery County Police are allaying residents’ fears about shopping in the area.

Police say that the two men involved in the fight which left at least one man bleeding at the Safeway Store knew each other before the incident. Police do not believe that public is in any danger as a result of this incident, and it was not a random street crime which led to the altercation.

A spokesperson for Montgomery County Police said the fight which happened Wednesday morning at the Safeway store at 19718 Germantown Road at about 11:09 am, began outside the store ended inside the store with one man bleeding, but receiving non-life threatening injuries. Police confirmed that one of the participants in the fight was later located at a local hospital. Police said the investigation was ongoing.

Germantown Pulse has learned the injured party was arrested on charges not connected to this incident. Police sources say that the man had an outstanding warrant from Frederick County, and that was the reason he did not remain on the scene at the Safeway when police arrived on Wednesday.

When police arrived on the scene the found no victim but did find evidence of a struggle as grocery displays were de-shelved. Police also found a cell phone, as well as, blood drops and smudges on the Safeway floor in some aisles in the store. Police also closed one entrance to the store and four grocery aisles to investigate. The store remained open. The injured, arrested party was transported to Frederick County for processing on the warrant, the other man involved in the fight has not been located.

The incident was the latest in series of assaults and criminal activity in that Germantown Town Center area over the last four weeks, which has prompted police to increase patrols in the area. Germantown Pulse sources say that the increased police presence is having the desired affect and the number of incidents and individuals hanging out and creating problems has decreased in recent days.

Germantown Pulse has also learned that police do not believe that the recent uptick in calls in the Town Center area involving groups of young people has any connection with an organized gang trying move into the area or any gang initiations. Police are working with schools and community organizations to attempt to curtail the violent and criminal behavior.