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MoCo DOT to Resurface Richter Farm Road

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is in the process of applying a micro-surfacing materiel to extend the pavement life on the entirety of Richter Farm Road running from Germantown Road/MD Route 118 to Clopper Road/MD Route 117.

According the MCDOT, the work which began on Monday will take six to eight weeks to complete, weather permitting. Drivers who use Richter Farm Road can expect lane closures and flag men along portions of the road.

“This is a two phase project,” said Josh Faust, Public Outreach Manager with MCDOT, “Phase I is a permanent patch, where we come out, cut out all the failed pavement sections, and then restore them with full depth hot mix asphalt. It will have a checkerboard appearance for a few months, but we will come back and resurface the road in Phase II, which should be late summer, early fall. This will really add structural durability and improve ride quality over that entire section.”

An MCDOT pavement evaluation has determined that pavement conditions along Richter Farm Road were generally rated as fair, with some areas described as needing more attention. This rating meets the criteria for roadway preservation using Hot Mix Asphalt full-depth permanent patching followed by micro-resurfacing, according to a MCDOT newsletter.

Patching with HMA will yield a service life of between 15-20 years. There are two phases to patching: First, the pavement is excavated and HMA base material is installed in two layers and compacted with a steel-wheeled roller. The patch is left approximately one-and-a-half inches below the existing road surface to allow room for a layer of smooth surface HMA to be applied at a later time (within a few days).

Second, the surface HMA is placed into the depression left by the base asphalt work. The asphalt is then compacted using a steel-wheeled roller. The final surface of the patch will match the level of the existing roadway and provide for a smooth ride.

Street patching will necessitate daily short-term parking restrictions. No Parking signs will be posted to notify residents of the planned dates for patching; parking restrictions are only valid during construction hours. Please pay close attention to the dates on the signs as weather may delay the planned work.

Alternating one-way traffic patterns may be used periodically and minor traffic delays may be experienced as flaggers manually direct traffic safely through the construction zone. Access to homes will be available at all times, however minor delays may be experienced as workers restrict traffic from driving on the freshly applied material. Traffic will be restricted from driving on the micro surfacing material until it is fully cured, usually for three-to-four hours.