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Mateny Hill Road Townhouse Development Plan Approved

The Montgomery County Planning Board, at its regular Thursday meeting, approved the preliminary plan and site plans for a development to build a 44-unit townhouse and two single family homes on a 5.86-acre tract of land near the MARC train station and Germantown Historic District.

The site, 19101 Mateny Hill Road, which is just off Dawson Farm Road, is currently occupied by two single-family detached residential units. One of the existing single-family units will be torn down and one retained. The approved plan also calls for one new single-family unit and 44 townhouse units to be built.

The project is being proposed by Elm Street Development, which is the development company behind the Clarksburg Village development. The original proposal to the Planning Board called for 42 townhouse units; the developer has since revised those plans and increased the number units with the submission of the new site plan.

The site is made up of two parcels of land which are zoned differently. The two parcels consist of a 3.71 acre known as the Wallich Property and 2.15 acre known as the Roose Property for a total of 5.86 acres. The Wallich Property parcel is zoned RT-12.5, which would is for residential townhouses while the Roose Property is zoned R-200, which calls for single-unit dwelling, but allows for townhouse development when Moderately Priced Dwelling Units are included in the development.

The property is located just south and east of the Germantown Historic District and is approximately one-third of a mile south of the Germantown MARC station.

The bulk of the new development will be on the 3.71 acres of the Wallich Property, which is adjacent to existing townhouses along Cherry Bend Drive. The approved plan would call for the building of a one-way private road which would curve through the townhouse community, with both the entrance and exit along Mateny Hill Road.