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Leggett’s Proposed Capital Budget Shows No Love for Germantown

Last month County Executive Ike Leggett announced his recommended $4.4 billion FY17 Capital Budget and six-year FY17-22 Capital Improvements Program, also known as the CIP. Leggett’s planned capital improvements for the next six years seem not take into account that Germantown even exists when it comes to economic development and transportation.

The need for some sort of economic development in Germantown is great. The UpCounty area of Germantown/Boyds/Clarksburg is one of the largest population centers in Montgomery County, but Germantown is not one of the largest job centers in the County. According to US Census Bureau Data, in 2013, only 21,032—or five percent—of Montgomery County’s jobs were located in Germantown while Germantown was home to nine percent of the County’s population. The population in the Germantown area grew 29 percent from 2000 to 2010, while the rest of Montgomery County’s population grew by just 11 percent.

As a result, of the population growing faster than the job rate, 90 percent of Germantown residents commute to jobs outside of the Germantown area, according to the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission.

Montgomery County has no plan to spend tax dollars to noticeably improve the quality of life for residents living in Germantown.

Below is the entire paragraph from County Executive Leggett’s press release of the Capital Budget and six year CIP plan as it pertains to Economic Development. If you come across something in this paragraph that is within 10 miles of Germantown, please let the Germantown Pulse know because we can’t find anything.

“Leggett’s recommended capital budget provides funding to spur economic development and grow quality jobs in the County as demonstrated by the County’s public-private partnerships to redevelop White Oak, White Flint and Wheaton, as well as the Smart Growth Initiative. It includes $173 million in funding for planning and design, and construction of roadway improvements in the White Flint District. Another $169 million is programmed in supporting projects, such as Montrose Parkway East and White Flint Fire Station #23. It also includes funding for two additional floors in the Wheaton building that will house Park & Planning and County departments.”

There is no plan to invest our Montgomery County tax dollars in economic development in the Germantown area. No plan use tax dollars to improve nightlife our downtown area. No planned capital expenditure of tax dollars to attract new restaurants or retail businesses to Germantown. The CIP is Montgomery County’s long-term spending plan, and Germantown doesn’t seem to be in Montgomery County’s long-term plans.

Let’s look at the many transportation projects County Executive Leggett is boasting about in his announcement. Again, let us know when you read about anything that is within 10 miles of Germantown.

“Also included in my capital budget is a new Purp