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Clarksburg Couple Charged With Child Abuse

Montgomery County Police charged a father and step-mother with first-degree child abuse after their 7-year-old son told a nurse at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. that his father wraps his entire body in plastic wrap from the neck down and uses zip ties to keep him in place.

On December 4, Craig Williams, 42, and Nicole Williams, 39, both of the Clarksburg Square Road in Clarksburg were arrested and charged with child abuse. They were given originally high bonds of $300,000 and $400,000, but a judge lowered that to $10,000 each, and they have been released.

According to charging documents, the boy was originally taken to Shady Grove Hospital on December 2 due to multiple injuries to his body and possible seizure. The boy was found to have multiple abrasions, blisters, bruises over his entire body. “There was bruising to the face and an abrasion to the left ear and neck. It is also documented that Victim A has bilateral well-healed scars at the wrists,” said police charging documents.

Once the boy was stable, he was airlifted to Children’s Hospital for further care, according to the charging documents. While at Children’s Hospital the boy told investigators that his father is the wraps him in plastic wrap and uses zip ties to keep him in place. According to charging documents, the boy told investigators that he was wrapped in plastic wrap almost the entire day before Thanksgiving, and was wrapped on Thanksgiving Day until right before it was time to go to dinner.

The boy told investigators that he is put in restraints every night and during the day when his family is at home. “He reports that there are days when he does not get to eat and is hungry when he is ‘bound’ in his room,” said the charging documents.

According to documents, the boy’s father is the parent that usually restrains him. However, the boy’s step-mother, Nicole Williams, disclosed that she had wrapped her stepson in plastic wrap which she described as plastic packing wrap for moving. She said she wrapped her stepson from his shoulder to his knee and used a belt around him.

Charging documents state that the boy’s father started securing him with zip ties after he was able to escape the plastic wrap one night. The father, Craig Williams, admitted to wrapping his son in plastic wrap from his shoulder to his knees, and using zip ties around the victim’s body. “He said the victim had been secured using this method for approximately thirty days in the home,” said charging documents. Williams told a nurse a Shady Grove Hospital in early December that he had been wrapping the boy in plastic for the past seven months.

According to the charging documents, the boy said he has thoughts of not wanting to live.

WJLA reports that there are five other children, ages 1, 4, 6, 12, and 17, who live in the Clarksburg home with the parents.

Photos courtesy MCPD.