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MCPS Closes Schools for Wednesday; County Executive Pledges That All Neighborhood Streets Would See

As residents in the Germantown/Clarksburg area continue to deal with the after effects of the Blizzard of ’16, including a number of streets which remain unplowed, County Executive Ike Leggett pledged today that all neighborhood streets in Montgomery County should receive a least one pass from a snowplow by 7:00 am, Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Leggett made the pledge while visiting the Bethesda Snow Operation Depot in Rockville, earlier today. “Despite the historic snowfalls we have received, our County road crews have been working hard, and smart 24/7 since the snow stopped to clear our roads and get people back to work and kids back to school,” said Leggett.

However, kids won’t be returning to school on Wednesday, as Montgomery County Public Schools announced that schools would be closed for a third day this week and a fourth straight day due the over 38-inches of snow which fell on Montgomery County during the Blizzard of ’16.

MCPS said all school and community activities in school buildings also are canceled on Wednesday, Jan. 27. All administrative offices will open two hours late. Day care programs in school buildings may open at 10:30 am tomorrow morning.

Montgomery College also announced that it would be closed Wednesday due to the after effects from the Blizzard.

All of these closures should help residents off the road to allow County and state snow removal teams to continue working to clear neighborhood streets and highways.

Since the beginning Montgomery County Department of Transportation Highway Services Division has been saying clean-up after this storm would be a multi-day process. The County has more than 800 pieces of equipment continues to treat over 4,000 miles of neighborhood roads.

“Given the progress we have made, I believe that every neighborhood road should be passable by 7:00 am tomorrow,” said Leggett on Tuesday afternoon. “That means that they should have received at least one pass from a plow and residents should be able to get out of their neighborhood.”

Leggett emphasized that this would not necessarily mean streets would be cleared to bare pavement and reminded residents that County crews would continue to work around-the-clock to improve street conditions and handle any missed streets.

And according to Germantown Pulse readers, there have been more than a few missed streets. As Leggett was making his pledge at 1:00 pm this afternoon, residents were reaching out to the Germantown Pulse wondering when their streets would get cleared.

Residents of Red Robin Terrace, Trailside Way, Leatherbark Way, Club Hill, White Saddle Drive, Pickering Drive, Madrigal Court, and Provost Way said they had not seen a plow on those streets. It is important to point out that those streets may not all be County roads, which means it is the responsibility of the property management company to clear private roads.

And Clarksburg seemed to have more than a few streets that had not been plowed. Among the Clarksburg roads which were still awaiting a plow, this afternoon were British Manor, Burdette Forest Road, Timber Creek Lane, Clarksburg Ridge, and Schoolfield Court.

Of course, some of these streets may have been passable by late afternoon, either through the work of the County snow removal crew or through the hard work of residents banding together to clear their street of snow.

That is what residents of Madrigal Drive in Germantown did according to Kimberly Jones. She had guests staying at her house from out of town when the Blizzard of ’16 hit. It seems all the surrounding roads has been made passable by plows, but not Madrigal Drive. So Jones, her family, and the house guest began to clear the street themselves. Jones said the task took six people about three hours, but the street was finally clear enough that the house guests could make it to the airport.

Meanwhile, residents of Schoolfield Court in Clarksburg were also working to clear their street. Apparently it was skipped by a plow which made a lane for the surrounding streets but left before doing Schoolfield Court, which is in a small community near Rocky Hill Middle School in Clarksburg.

Some roads in Clarksburg remained in worse shape than their counterparts in Germantown. While Snowden Farm Parkway and Little Seneca Parkway are in very good shape, Route 355/Frederick Road was often a slushy, dangerous mess at intersections including those at Stringertown Road and Little Seneca Parkway near Rocky Hill Middle School.

Leggett reminded residents that snow removal is a non-stop operation. “Let us remember that our work is ongoing,” Leggett added.” We still have a lot of snow piled up impeding traffic flow on the County’s streets. Pedestrian access remains difficult. There are plenty of challenges ahead, and the work will go on until we are wholly back to normal.”


Top: Where the plow stopped. This wall of snow sits at the end of Running Brook Drive in Clarksburg. You can see that Timber Creek Lane, which intersects just past the street sign is also untouched by a plow. County Executive Leggett has pledged to have all County roads get one pass with a plow before 7:00 am tomorrow.

Next: Video of County Executive Leggett from the Bethesda Depot earlier today.

Next: Cars parked on County roads, such as these on Dairymaid Drive, can make safely and completely plowing the streets a tricky undertaking.

Next: With mountains of snow at almost every corner, and no path dug through for pedestrians, those on foot must resort to the unsafe practice of walking in already snow narrowed streets.

Next: These residents on Schoolfield Court in Clarksburg were forced to take matters into their own hands and begin to clear a narrow passage out of their street.

Next: Slush in the middle of the roadway on Route 355 in Clarksburg.

Next: Intersections along Route 355/Frederick Road in Clarksburg were strewn with piles of slushy snow while making turns onto and off of the main thoroughfare a challenge at times.

Next: This intersection at Route 355 and Little Seneca Parkway was particularly dangerous. The Germantown Pulse vehicle spun out and almost crashed into the large snow pile while making a right turn onto Little Seneca Parkway near Rocky Hill Middle School.

Next: Many neighborhood roads in Clarksburg and Germantown were partial cleared with a narrow lane for traffic like Winding Woods Way in Clarksburg.

Photos by Germantown Pulse.


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