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Germantown Police Commander Urges Residents to Stay Home

As the Blizzard of ’16 continues to rage and dump what could end up being 30- to 36-inches of snow on the Germantown/Clarksburg area 5th District Police Commander David Gillespie urges residents to stay home.

“Please, please tell people to stay home!” said Gillespie in an email to Germantown Pulse. “This is a dangerous situation. People are getting stranded, and it creates problems for the plows.”

He said that roads in the UpCounty area continued to be in bad shape despite the efforts to keep them clear. “Secondary roads are not passable. Main roads are also not passable,” said Gillespie.

Gillespie said that even with the aid of Light Medium Tactical Vehicles or LMTVs on loan from the Maryland National Guard it is very difficult for police to traverse the area roads. “It is a very tough time for us to get around even with AWD and 4WD vehicles,” said Gillespie. He urged residents to stay home.

Earlier this morning a walking tour of the roads around a small sample of the Germantown area (near Germantown Pulse HQ) showed a vast difference in the road conditions and quality of snow removal from local roads to County roads, to those roads maintained by Maryland State Highway Administration. However, one thing that all roads had in common is they were very, very slippery. The roads may have looked passible, but they were slick as ice rinks which made it easy to end up in a four-foot snow bank if a driver started slipping and sliding.

The State maintained roads especially Clopper Road/Route 117 and Germantown Road/Route 118 were not in good shape — at least at 11:00 am this morning — with piles of snow in the middle of the road. In fact, there was a three-foot high barrier essentially making it impossible for a car or even SVU to cross Germantown Road westbound on Clopper Road.

That was at 11:00 am this morning, and this storm has dumped an additional 10 inches of snow on the Germantown area since then and is expected to continue to do so until 10:00 pm tonight.


Top: Police Commander David Gillespie urges residents to stay home and stay off the roads. Next: Drivers must be aware of large snow piles left across intersections, like this one which was across Clopper Road westbound at Germantown Road earlier today. Limited visibility can make it difficult to see these piles.

Photos by Germantown Pulse.