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Germantown Area Road Conditions Quickly Deteriorating

A quick tour around the Germantown Center at around 4:00 pm on Friday, at the very beginning of a snowstorm that is predicted to last another 36 hours, proved that main roads were passible but quickly deteriorating. There are already a few inches on the ground.

Some main roads were cleaner than others. There were many private plows out working the main arteries including Germantown Road/Route 118 and Century Boulevard where the shops and the BlackRock Center are located, were pretty clear, but slushy.

However, Great Seneca Highway and Clopper Road were almost completely snow covered. Secondary roads are quite tricky as they have not received as much attention. Side streets which may not have been pretreated by the MCDOT are white and crunchy.

Driving at 4:00 pm was not treacherous, but turns on slushy corners resulted in fish-tails and sliding. It is slow going and getting slower as the snow piles up faster than plows can get to it. Drivers must maintain low speeds, especially approaching intersections where there is a need to stop. Stopping at speed, means slipping and sliding into the intersection or other drivers.

While there were a good amount of cars on the road, there were not as many as there might have been it had been a normal Friday afternoon. However, there are folks still making their way home. While this is a small sample of the many roads in the Germantown area is should give readers an idea of how bad things have gotten so quickly.

As County Executive Ike Leggett said, “I urge County residents to get where they need to be before the snow begins on Friday afternoon and stay there throughout the weekend,” said Leggett. “This is important for everyone’s safety and to enable our snow plows to clear the roads as expeditiously as possible.”