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Culvert Repairs to Close Lanes of Middlebrook Road

UPDATE: Montgomery County Highway Services will close two lanes of Middlebrook Road at Great Seneca Highway the weekend of Feb. 5 to complete this work, which was delayed due to the Blizzard of '16.

Crews are expected to begin emergency pipe repairs to culverts which run under Middlebrook Road near the intersection of Great Seneca Highway next weekend, and will close two lanes of traffic.

The work which will close two eastbound lanes of Middlebrook Road is originally scheduled to be done over the weekend beginning Friday, Jan. 29, but the Blizzard of '16 pushed it back and the work will be done begining Friday. Feb. 5 through Feb. 7.

“It is paramount that lane closures be kept to a minimum and pedestrian traffic remain uninterrupted,” said Josh Faust, Public Outreach Manager with the MCDOT, Division of Highway Services. “Currently, the plan to repair the pipes, which are 12-feet below the surface, is calling for crews to assembled on a Friday evening Jan. 29, closing only the minimum amount of lanes and to have the road reopened by following Monday morning,” said Faust.

“Two twin, corrugated steel storm drain pipes, one 54-inches and the other 60-inches are in need of immediate attention as the bottoms have rusted through and the tops are beginning to collapsing,” said Faust.

The culverts, which are over 15-years old, are used to channel a small stream which feeds into Gunners Lake under Middlebrook Road. According to Faust, the contractor for the job, D&F Construction, has already dug test pits on the construction site. “The Division of Transportation Engineering, working in conjunction with Highway Services, is developing a temporary engineering s