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Germantown Man Arrested in Sage Way Shootout

The shots that neighbors on Sage Way say they heard the night that Robert Wayne King was killed in Germantown came from multiple guns. The small area in front the townhouse on Sage Way was the site of a shootout resulting from a drug deal gone bad.

Montgomery County Police have arrested Ebou Nyass, 29, of the 18600 block of Turmeric Court in Germantown with firearms and narcotic offenses related to the December 16 homicide of Robert Wayne King.

Detectives from the Major Crimes Division are continuing to investigate the homicide of Robert Wayne King and have released more details about the incident in hopes more witnesses might come forward with information.

The homicide investigation revealed that Nyass and King agreed to meet to complete a drug transaction in the 18600 block of Sage Way. During the meet, an altercation occurred between Nyass and King which resulted in both subjects being shot, according to police. A witness to the transaction stated that King produced and fired his handgun first. A handgun recovered at the scene did not have the characteristics consistent with the weapon thought to have been used to shoot King.

On the night of the shootout, a neighbor told the Germantown Pulse that she had heard eight to 10 gunshots, and she then walked to a friend’s house. On the way, she heard the victim, King, groaning in pain. He was lying on the ground outside the townhouse at 18630 Sage Way. She said the man had been shot in the leg, side, and chest. She said she went to attempt to help the man, and could see that he was bleeding from his leg. She lifted the victim’s head off the ground and cradled it her lap. She said she did not recognize the man.

“That house has been a mess for a long time,” a neighbor told the Germantown Pulse, on the condition that she not give her name. “There have been drugs and other problems at that house. We’ve been waiting for something like this to happen.”

On December 18, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Nyass charging him with one count of possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime, one count of possession of a firearm after a prior violent felony conviction, and one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.