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The Last of the Original Staff of Seneca Valley is Set to Fly into the Sunset

Greased Pigs, Playboy Centerfolds, and Soaring Through the Clouds: History Teacher Leaves Seneca Valley After More Than 41 Years

When Ed Deitch walks out of Seneca Valley High School for the last time on Wednesday, Dec. 23 an amazing amount of history will walk out with him.

Deitch taught history at Seneca Valley for 41-and-a-half years. He will take with him memories of over 41 years of Germantown teenagers. Memories of Seneca Valley High School as a new school in 1974, surrounded by farmland and populated by farm families. It is possible that Deitch taught the children of some of his students, heck, it is possible that he taught the grandchildren of some of his earliest students.

When Deitch started at Seneca Valley in 1974, the Vietnam War was just coming to an end. “To put things in perspective,” said Deitch, “I had kids in my first class who had older brothers who had died in Vietnam.” Indeed, President Richard Nixon resigned just a few weeks prior to the start of classes at Seneca Valley in August of 1974.

He is the last of the original staff who began working at the Germantown high school when it first opened. He has watched Germantown grow up from a farming community in the 1970s to the urban population center it is now, all through the filter of it’s teenagers.

He is retiring this week to do what most folks can only dream about — and what some are doing now because of his influence. He is retiring from teaching to pursue his lifetime passion full-time. He’s retiring to fly. Deitch, a longtime licensed pilot, has been offered an opportunity to be a full-time corporate pilot at age 68.

“I was planning on leaving at the end of this school year,” said Deitch, “it was no secret everybody knew this was going to be my last year, but a few months ago the company that I fly with said they could use me full-time starting in early 2016, and I said ‘OK.’ That was what made up my mind. It is an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often.”