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Germantown Man Arrested for Fighting at Redskins Game

A Germantown man was arrested for assaulting a police officer and another man at Monday night’s Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys game at FedEx Field in Landover.

Prince George’s County Police arrested James Steve Galo, 23, of Warrior Brook Drive in Germantown. Police were called to section 309 of FedEx Field for a report of a fight at 12:23 am on Dec. 8.

Prince George’s County Police spokesman Officer Michael Owen could not confirm that Galo was involved in the widely reported fight which was captured on video.

The video has since received more than one million views. Once again, the Germantown Pulse wants to reiterate that police could NOT confirm that James Galo was involved in the incident seen on the video. (WARNING: Video contains graphic images and vulgar language). The video can seen here. While the video alleges a stabbing occurred Prince George’s County Police found no evidence of a stabbing. Police recovered a knife at the scene but were unsure who the knife had belonged too.

According to the Prince George’s County Police charging documents when police arrived on the scene at section 309 Galo and another man were fighting on the ground. As police attempted to break up the fight, two officers were knocked to the ground by the combatants. The charging documents state that once the other man in the fight realized that police were on the scene he stopped fighting.

However, Galo continued fighting and attempted to kick a police officer “in the face and body while they were both on the ground, according the court document. Once police were able to get control of Galo and take him into custody he “continued to yell at officers on scene.” The charging documents state that Galo “continued yelling profanity causing a large crowd to gather and take notice of the events going on.” As police began to escort Galo down the ramp to the police holding center at FedEx Field he verbally threatened to kill the officer that was escorting him with his “unregistered guns,” according to the charging documents. Police say he repeated the threat multiple times to two different officers.

Galo was charged with two counts of second degree assault one for the original assault in which he bloodied a man’s nose with a punch, and one for the attempt to kick the police officer. He is also charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Police did not arrest the other man once it was determined that Galo was the aggressor.

According to Owen, Prince George’s County Police arrested eight people during and after Monday night’s game, not all arrests were connected to fighting. He said that eight arrests were average for a rival game. The Redskins lost the game to the Cowboys after a field goal in the final nine seconds of the game.