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Library to Host Historical Talk on Civil War Monuments in Montgomery County

The Germantown Library will host a talk entitled “Signposts to the Past: Civil War Monuments in Maryland and the Statue of a Confederate Trooper in Rockville” by Germantown Historical Society president Susan Cooke Soderberg on Saturday, Nov. 21 at 3:00 pm.

Have you ever passed by a monument or statue and wondered -- Who put that up there? What does it mean? “Monuments were erected to send a message to the future, but that message may be warped by time,” said Soderberg. “Modern society may not be able to receive the message as sent because the meaning of the symbols has been lost, or a different system of values is in place. War memorials are particularly prone to changes in meaning over time because those who erected the monuments experienced a war first-hand and will have a different view of and emotional attachment to the event than those generations removed in time from the event.”

“War is a