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Board of Ed OKs Clarksburg/Damascus Middle School Boundaries

The Montgomery County Board of Education approved the boundary areas for the new Clarksburg/Damascus Middle School, which is slated to open at the beginning of the next school year.

The school that will open in August 2016 will be populated by students currently attending Wilson Wims Elementary School and Cedar Grove Elementary School, based on the recommendation of Montgomery County Public Schools Interim Superintendent Larry Bowers and approved by the Board of Education at Monday’s meeting.

The new school was needed to address enrollment growth in the area and space deficits at Rocky Hill Middle School, according to the BOE.

A boundary advisory committee was established to consider attendance zone options for the new school and met four times from March to May. Two public information sessions also were held, one in February at the beginning of the process and the other in June at the end of the process.

In October, Bowers wrote, “I am recommending the service area of the new Clarksburg/Damascus Middle School consist of the Cedar Grove and Wilson Wims Elementary schools service areas,” in his recommendation to the BOE. “This recommendation corresponds to the Boundary Advisory Committee Option #1. This boundary recommendation enables students residing closest to the new school to be assigned there, and results in the new middle school and Rocky Hill Middle School being within their capacities.”

The Board of Education authorized a boundary study to be done to establish the service area for the new Clarksburg/Damascus Middle School in November of 2014. The new school will be located at 11701 Little Seneca Parkway in Clarksburg.

According to the Board, the boundary advisory committee considered seven different options for the attendance zone and, after a thorough review, strongly supported the option that Bowers recommended. Students entering Grades 6 and 7 next school year would attend the new middle school, with Grade 8 being added during the 2017–2018 school year.

Caption: The Clarksburg/Damscus Middle School currently under construciton at at 11701 Little Seneca Parkway in Clarksburg.

Photo by Germantow