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MCDOT to Resurface Shakespeare Boulevard

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is planning to improve the pavement of Shakespeare Boulevard in Germantown by applying a micro-surfacing materiel to extend the pavement life. While the exact start and finish date have not been determined, the project will take place over the entirety of Shakespeare Boulevard in Germantown running from Frederick Road, Route 355 to Germantown Road, Maryland Route 118.

According the MCDOT, the work will take about three weeks to complete, weather permitting. According to Josh Faust of the MCDOT Division of Highway Services, “I cannot give specific dates on the start and finish as this time of year is particular difficult with weather. For example, we may have a 70 degree day followed by a 35 degree day, so it plays havoc on our paving crews. That being said, MCDOT is committed to having this project completed as soon as possible.”

Drivers who use Shakespeare Boulevard can expect lane closures and flag men along portions of the road.

An MCDOT pavement evaluation has determined that, prior to resurfacing, full depth permanent patching of the pavement or other repairs may be necessary at selected locations. Full depth patching restores the pavement’s structural integrity and capacity to support vehicle loads, according to a MCDOT newsletter.

Further, patching will prevent water from infiltrating through the pavement and into the underlying road base, exacerbating the degree and extent of pavement deterioration. Failing pavement conditions are dynamic in nature and will worsen, nearly exponentially, under conditions such as harsh winters and wet summers. Patching with Hot Mix Asphalt will yield a service life of between 15-20 years, said the MCDOT newsletter.

There are two steps to the process. First, the pavement is excavated and HMA base material is installed in two layers and compacted with a steel-wheeled roller. The patch is left approximately one-and-one half inches below the existing road surface to allow room for a layer of smooth surface HMA to be applied at a later time (within a few days).

Second, the surface HMA is placed either by machine or by hand, depending on the size of the patch, into the depression left by the base asphalt work. The asphalt is then compacted using a steel-wheeled roller. The final surface of the patch will match the level of the existing roadway and provide for a smooth ride.

Alternating one-way traffic patterns may be used periodically and minor traffic delays may be experienced as flaggers manually direct traffic safely through the construction zone. Access to homes will be available at all times, however minor delays may be experienced as workers restrict traffic from driving on the freshly placed hot mix asphalt.

This project is scheduled to begin in this month. Work hours will be between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday; however, Saturday work may be necessary to expedite the completion of the project.

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