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Tomorrow’s King’s Trophy Game Promises to be ‘A Classic'

It is that week you start looking forward to the second players step on the field in late July. The week that settles scores, continues tradition, and makes a King. If you play football for Northwest, it is known as “Seneca Week,” if you play for Seneca Valley its “Northwest Week.” Everything that happens in practice takes on a greater intensity, the nervous energy at practice feeds on anxiety, as players wait for the adrenalin rush of Friday night.

Rivalries are great. Cross-town rivalries are the best. Rivalries in which teams play against players that they’ve played with in youth programs and grown-up with, been friends with, and hang out with – those are amazing. Add a trophy called, “The King’s Trophy,” – and that is the stuff of legend.

“This year’s game should be a great game. It could end up being a classic,” said Northwest Head Coach Mike Nuebeiser, whose team will host this year’s contest. Northwest has also hosted the King’s Trophy for the last two years, winning last year’s game 46-6.

“This is for bragging rights for the Kings of Germantown,” said Seneca Valley Head Coach Fred Kim. “Virtually every kid knows each other on both teams, so it provides extra incentive and fun to be able to say at least for a year, that we own Germantown football.”

“The tone of practice is immediately different,” said Kim, who started preaching to his team about the importance of this game as soon as his team gathered after dismantling Poolesville last week. “The concentration level, enthusiasm, intensity, etc. It is a completely different atmosphere -- one of great urgency.”

This game means something for all the players. “We are playing for the ‘King’s Trophy,’,” said Nuebeiser, “and our kids are excited to be playing against their friends and former teammates in youth league. Practice is always amped up a little more when you’re playing a rival.”

Even if you can discount all the emotion that goes along with playing a cross-town rival, this second game of the season has huge playoff implications. “This game is very important, because of the 3A West and how difficult it is to get into the playoffs,” said Kim. “We know that if we win, we will help our playoff opportunity greatly. We would gain valuable points from defeating a 4A opponent and one that will have a significant amount of wins.”

Nuebeiser agrees, “This game is extremely important to both teams because it could determine playoffs seeds or if Seneca is even able to make it into the post-season in the very competitive 3A West.”

While last year’s game ended up being a Northwest blow out, this year things should be different. Seneca turned the ball over six t