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Family Continues to Search for Children and Answers in Hoggle Case One Year Later


It has been one year since Sarah and Jacob Hoggle went missing while with their mother, Catherine Hoggle. A year of sorrow. A year of questions. A year of frustration.

A full year, missing.

“It is a matter of constantly missing them,” said the children’s father Troy Turner at press conference held Tuesday in the Aurora Hills local park in Clarksburg where he and his children, then two-year-old Jacob and four-year-old Sarah, had played only the day before all of this happened.

“I guess the low points were July 3, and November 20 were the hardest days when their birthdays came, and they weren’t here. There is never a point when you are going to give up on your children,” said Turner.

Catherine Hoggle is currently facing misdemeanor charges of child neglect and obstructing and hindering an investigation after going missing in Germantown with her two young children, Jacob, and Sarah, in September of 2014. The children remain missing, and Montgomery County Police and the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office continue to pursue homicide charges against Hoggle. Those new charges if filed would move the case from the District Court to the Circuit Court, but those charges have yet to be filed.

The judge set another status hearing for Sept. 18 in Maryland District Court. However, he also ordered that if Hoggle was to become competent prior to Sept. 18 that a trial on the charges of child neglect would proceed immediately, it was reported.

“We are continuing to run leads and investigate things on our side as well,” said Turner. “We are hoping to get possibly more help from the police on the side of investigating the missing person part of this case. I am hoping to get a meeting with them coming up very shortly to see what we can do with that. They are definitely going full bore on the homicide investigation, but I feel like we have enough resources put toward looking for my children.”

Turner expressed frustration that Catherine Hoggle seems to have more rights than his two missing children. “One of the biggest problems that we have run into is that we have a system where we have someone, who maybe doesn’t know where the kids are now necessarily a year later. But she definitely knows what she initially did with them or who had them, and if we figure out where they were, we can go from there to find them,” he said.

“We are in a situation where there is a court order from a judge where the police can’t even question her about it. We are at