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Police Release Video of Clarksburg Pharmacy Robbery

Montgomery County Police have released a video of the armed robbery of Clarksburg Pharmacy, which occurred shortly before 10:00 am Thursday morning.

The pharmacy located at located at 23213 Stringtown Road in Clarksburg was robbed at gunpoint when a man wearing a mask walked in displaying a handgun and stole a backpack full of prescription drugs and calmly walked out the door.

The view shows what appears to be a white or light-skinned man calmly walking into the store and ordering the pharmacy staff to sit in the corner behind the counter. In a video posted by NBC4, the suspect can be seen pointing the gun at an employee’s head while ordering her into the corner.

The suspect, in a striped long-sleeve shirt, surgical gloves, a black striped ski-type mask, and tan shorts then walks behind the counter and begins searching for specific types of prescription drugs.

After searching the shelves for a few minutes, he appears to ask the employees where specific drugs are located in the store. At that point he goes over and opens a cabinet and begins to calmly transfer certain drugs from the cabinet into the black backpack while the nearby pharmacy employees can be seen holding their hands over their heads.

NBC4 Washington is reporting that the suspect stole a variety of medicine, including painkillers.

After filling the backpack with two or three shelves worth of drugs, the suspect smoothly walks out of the store.

Once the robbery was reported to police, a manhunt began for the suspect. K9 units and a United States Park Police helicopter assisted officers in the search for the suspect; the suspect was not located.

Montgomery County Schools in the Clarksburg area were asked to shelter in place this morning as police conducted a manhunt for the suspect, according to Dana Tofig, a spokesman for MCPS. Wilson Wims Elementary School, Little Bennett Elementary School, Clarksburg Elementary School, Clarksburg High School, and Rocky Hill Middle School were all affected. They were sheltering in place for about an hour from 10:00 am to 11:25 am according to Tofig.

“The police reached out to our security teams and in an over-abundance of caution we went into the shelter in place mode, in which we restrict who can enter and exit the building. Instruction was not restricted,” said Tofig.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Major C