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Police Say Public Not In Danger After Body Found in Park

Hunters discovered a body in the parklands on the unofficial border of Germantown near Watkins Mill High School, over the weekend, according to police

“Investigators have told me that they do not believe that there is cause for alarm from the public that uses the park,” said Capt. Paul Starks, spokesman for Montgomery County Police. “There is nothing to indicate that they should stop using that parkland.”

Montgomery County Police say that two bow hunters participating in the Montgomery County Parks Department’s Managed Deer Hunting Program came upon the body in Great Seneca Stream Valley Park on Saturday night.

Starks, a spokesman for said the hunters found the adult male body at about 10:40 pm on August 29, but detectives decided that it was too dark to conduct a thorough investigation, and returned to scene at 7:00 am Sunday, August 30.

The body was removed to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore. MCPD is waiting for the autopsy report. No other information about the body has been released. Starks said the MCPD are investigating it as a suspicious death.

“Whenever remains have been outside for any period of time appearances can change and we don’t want to start down one path and have to turn around and change any of the information that we’ve provided. We are going to let the medical examiner do their work in Baltimore, provide us with the science and any results they can, and then early this week we should be able to provide clarifying information.”

While some news outlets are reporting that the body was found in a shallow grave, Starks said that he spoke with investigators and they were unable to confirm if the body had been found in a shallow grave. Starks said that investigators do not like to speculate on the length of time a body may have been outdoors.