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Local Inventors Hope Keep You Connected, Even in the Bathroom

Have you ever wanted a television in your bathroom to watch while brushing your teeth or shaving, or putting on make-up? We all carry around tiny screens for watching movies, sports and news in our pockets in the form of our smartphones, but high-tech gadgets and water do not mix. However, a pair of Germantown scientists may have come up with a way to overcome the fear of getting your device wet in the bathroom.

Jason Yi and Sricharan Murugesan have launched MIRO, which mounts your smartphone or tablet securely to your mirror for hands-free access.

By day, Yi and Murugesan are scientists at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, but since January they have been moonlighting as inventors.

Yi said he came up with the idea while watching an NFL playoff game in January on his iPad. “I was so into the game I brought the iPad into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and getting ready to go out. But I was getting the iPad all wet and messy. I began thinking, if only there was a way to watch this game while doing my thing here in the bathroom.”

Yi explained that he began checking the market to see if such a product existed. “There wasn’t really anything like it on the market. It is a typical Shark Tank idea,” said Yi.

Yi and Murugesan have spent the last eight months developing MIRO, which is crafted from durable, lightweight Plexiglass. It will hold up to five pounds securely even in hot and humid conditions, according to Yi. He explained that MIRO is attached to a mirror using a 3M Command Adhesive strip. “Just attach it to your mirror and mount your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth speakers. It keeps the device safely away from the sink and keeps your counter clear,” he said. It attaches to any mirror or glass surface in seconds and can also be easily removed.