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County to Resurface Black Rock Road

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is in the process of patching and resurfacing to extend the pavement life on the entirety of Black Rock Road running from Darnestown Road, Maryland Route 28 to Burdette in Germantown.

According to Josh Faust of the Division of Highway Services of MCDOT, “The project started on Monday, July 20. We expect it to last until the end of the first week of August, of course, with construction there is always the possibility that a project could take longer or shorter than we expect.”

Work will be scheduled between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, however construction will be permitted on Saturdays, if necessary, to expedite the completion of the project, according to MCDOT.

An MCDOT pavement evaluation has determined that, prior to resurfacing, full depth asphalt patching of the pavement or other repairs may be necessary at selected locations. Full depth patching restores the pavement’s structural integrity and capacity to support vehicle loads, according to a MCDOT newsletter. “An additional step may be necessary to seal large cracks that may not require full depth patching. A flexible filler material is injected into the cracks and sealed with a special tool,” said MCDOT.

Asphalt emulsion binder is first sprayed onto the pavement, immediately followed by an application of stone. Chipseal is applied in an inch mat over the complete road surface usually in two separate applications and provides the roadway with a uniform thickness and appearance. Following the initial application, the road will be swept within 7-14 days to help reduce the amount of surface dust and residual stone, which is evident for a period after the application. Permanent lane markings, if existing prior to the project, will be replaced shortly after resurfacing operations.

Alternating one-way traffic patterns may be used periodically and minor traffic delays may be experienced as flaggers manually direct traffic safely through the construction zone. Access to homes will be available at all times, however minor delays may be experienced as workers restrict traffic from driving on the freshly applied material. Traffic will be restricted from driving on the micro surfacing material until it is fully cured, usually for three-to-four hours.

Generally speaking, this work is best characterized as noisy and disruptive. However, MCDOT and its contractors will take all necessary steps to mitigate any inconveniences this work may cause.

Map courtesy of MCDOT.

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