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Germantown Alliance is Looking for Feedback From Residents and Businesses


The once powerful community organization, The Germantown Alliance is taking another step toward once again becoming a sounding board and advocate for the Germantown area.

The group has released an online survey that asks residents what they like best about living or working in Germantown, and what they would do to improve it.

“This survey was designed to try to raise issues that are important to people who live and work in Germantown,” said Susan Burkinshaw, one of the community leaders working to resurrect the Germantown Alliance. “We want to know what people like about Germantown, and what areas community members, both residents and business people, think have room for improvement.”

Marilyn Balcombe, president of the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce, and another of organizers of the Germantown Alliance 2.0 said, “The survey is a great way to find out what the residents of Germantown are interested in. We want to know what concerns people may have, but we also want to know what people love about living here. Germantown is a great place to live, and we need to celebrate our amenities.”

Organizers are hoping to reform the Germantown Alliance and include as many organizations as possible.

“We are also hoping that the survey will be shared with people who may not be familiar with the Germantown Alliance,” said Burkinshaw, “and want to engage with the revived organization. We are hoping to bring the Germantown Alliance back to be, to quote the mission, ‘an active voice for Germantown residents, business and organizations to build a safe, healthy and vibrant community.’”

“To that end, we need to begin to figure out what issues are important to the community so we can begin to prioritize them, hence the development of the survey. Of course, once we are re-established and reorganized, we can start to tackle new issues as they arise,” said Burkinshaw.

Balcombe said that the survey is also a good way to let people know that the Germantown Alliance has been reformed and ready to go.

The Germantown Alliance invites all residents, businesses, and civic groups to participate and share the survey, which can be accessed by clicking here. The survey will be open until the end of August.

The Germantown Alliance has scheduled another meeting for Thursday, September 24 at 7:00 pm.

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