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Leggett’s Proposed FY2016 Budget Cuts Include $10 Million From MCPS Budget, & $5 Million from Mo


Less than a month after the County Council approved the FY2016 operating budget; County Executive Ike Leggett has proposed funding cuts to that budget. The cuts would affect almost every department of County government at some level.

The County Council must review the proposed $51 million in reductions, which Leggett says are necessary to make up for lower tax revenues and the cost of tax refunds triggered by the Supreme Court decision in the Wynne case.

Leggett’s proposed cuts are one percent of Montgomery County’s $5.08 billion operating budget that the County Council approved in May. The budget took effect on July 1, just seven days later on July 8, Leggett proposed the FY2016 savings plan containing the budget reductions.

At his Monday morning press briefing, Council President George Leventhal said the County Council will approve the final savings plan at the July 28 meetings. He said the county has $373 million in approved reserves, which is $12 million more than the target the council set in 2011 and the highest amount ever in reserve.

“We are a well-resourced county, and the bottom has not fallen out,” Leventhal said. “We’re going to be all right, but we do need to make reductions to the base to enable the decisions that we make next spring be handled in a responsible and constructive way.”

“We are going to agree with some of Mr. Leggett’s proposals,” said Leventhal. “We are not going to agree with all of them. Committees are going to get to work, and we will review the reductions that we think we can handle.”


The cuts include $24 million from all county departments, $10 million from Montgomery County Public Schools, $5 million from Montgomery College, $1.5 million from the Montgomery National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and finally another $10 million in current tax money used for bond-funded construction work. Click here for a complete list of cuts proposed by the County Executive.