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Black Bear is Still in the Damascus Area


Montgomery County Police say that the Black Bear that visited Damascus earlier this week is still in the area. MCP has received calls from Damascus residents reporting seeing the bear, which is injured, in their back yards.

Police report receiving calls from residents early Saturday morning and Friday, saying that the bear was in their back yards. The bear first appeared on Wednesday in the area of Oak Drive and Kingstead road in John Haines Park. The bear has also been spotted in Oak Ridge Park in Damascus.

The Montgomery County Police are cautioning residents not to approach or feed bears that they encounter. Furthermore, no one should ever corner a bear, but allow a bear a route of escape or a way out.


Police are asking residents to remove food sources which attract bears, such as, trash, bird feeders, and grills.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds residents that sightings in suburban areas are not uncommon this time of year. Candy Thompson, spokesperson for the Maryland Natural Resources Police said it was not unusual to see bears in Upcounty Montgomery County, especially at this time of year. “There are two in Poolesville and there has even been one in Bethesda earlier. This the time of year the bears are on the move, in late spring and early summer.”

Thompson explained that black bears produce offspring every two years, and mother bears who had given birth two years ago are urging their not two-year-olds to find their own range so she can reproduce again.

“Bears will be anywhere there is food,” said Thompson. “If people have their garbage outside or have food in bird feeders the bears will eat it. Once there is no food source the bear will move along.”

For more information or to report a bear sighting, contact DNR Wildlife & Heritage Service at 410-260-8540. After-hour non-emergency sightings, please leave a message; after-hour emergency, 410-260-8888. Residents may still call 9-1-1 if there is an immediate threat due to the bear’s behavior.

Captions: Top: Montgomery County Police released a new photo of the Damascus bear this morning.

Next: MCPD release this bear paw print from the Damascus bear on Wednesday.

Photos: Montgomery County Police Department.

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